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You are passionate about your vehicle and you wash it every week?

You have an ecological consciousness and you have the desire to save on water consumption without diminishing the quality of the cleaning of your car? The SuperShine products are your solution. Distributing for more than 15 years, we have worked our way to be the best automobile cleaning product on the market. We offer our signature product Dry Wash and Wax without water, Tire Shine , Multipurpose Wax, Polish for lens and paint scratches, Aluminum and chrome Polish without forgetting our all new Protector for fabrics. Our products are fabricated in Canada and distributed in many specialized stores. In other-words let Supershine products take care of the cleaning of your vehicles .

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Why everyone is talking about Supershine products

More than 15 years already

And yes….already 15 years that we sell our product in fairs and shows everywhere in Québec.

Saves Water

One bottle saves between 1000L and 1500L of water to help preserve our rivers

Simple Use

You put the product on a microfiber cloth, and rub your vehicle. Difficult to be any simpler.

Versatile and easy

Developed for the automobile, but works very well on painting, plastic, windows, chrome and vinyl. We even have customers who wash most of their furnishings with our products.

Lastest technology

For 15 years, we now have have 8 incredible products that makes life easier for more than 25,000 customers across Canada

A Local product

Our products are developed and realized by Quebec chemists and produced right here in Canada.

Don’t wait and start using our products now

Microfiber Clothes


Our SuperShine Microfiber cloth allows you to scrub your car without damaging the paint. The set of 4 clothes are delivered in 2 Colors , one to use with the product and the other to wipe the excedant off, in respect of this their is no risque of scratching your automobile.

Fabric Protector


The Fabric Protector of SuperShine revolutionizes the textile industry. Finally say goodbye to the stains on your car seats . The SuperShine Fabric Protector impermeabilizes the fibres of the fabric which has the effect of preventing the liquid to stain the surfaces that has been treated.

Dry Wash and Wax


Our SuperShine Dry Wash Wax product cleans all type of surfaces and leaves a glossy finish without the risk of scratching the surface. The unique formula of the product is composed of a wetting agent and Carnauba Wax that provides a sparkling luster in a single application.

Tire Shine


Tire Shine is a water-based product that contains no trace of silicone making it a product approved by the bodyshop industry.

Aluminum and Chrome Polish


Your automobile, truck, motorcycle, boat has chrome and aluminum and you don’t know how to make it shine like in the magazines. Nothing more simple than with Aluminum and Chrome Polish from SuperShine. This last generation product will offer an uneven Shine and will make your neighbors jealous.

Multipurpose Wax


The new Multipurpose Wax by SuperShine is a revolution in the car industry with its combination of polymer Wax and natural Carnauba. No product can compete with this new formula. The Multipurpose Wax of SuperShine reconditions oxided surfaces, seals and provides a glittering luster that lasts for months.

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