Why everyone is talking about Supershine products

Our SuperShine products have been developed for the cleaning of automobiles but can also be used for many other surfaces. Think about all the cleaning companies that use our products to wash windows or ceramic stovetop surfaces or again companies that do outdoor cleaning of vinyl homes. In short our products are versatile and above all very efficient. This is why our customers are asking for more:

More than 15 years already

And yes….already 15 years that we sell our product in fairs and shows everywhere in Québec.

Saves Water

One bottle saves between 1000L and 1500L of water to help preserve our rivers

Simple Use

You put the product on a microfiber cloth, and rub your vehicle. Difficult to be any simpler.

Versatile and easy

Developed for the automobile, but works very well on painting, plastic, windows, chrome and vinyl. We even have customers who wash most of their furnishings with our products.

Lastest technology

For 15 years, we now have have 8 incredible products that makes life easier for more than 25,000 customers across Canada

A Local product

Our products are developed and realized by Quebec chemists and produced right here in Canada.